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SmartRange by Grupel range comprises products with appropriate characteristics to emergency applications. These devices come into operation automatically when there is a power failure, thus ensuring a competent and efficient delivery.

These products are characterized by a canopy without solders (which reduces corrosion points), an integrated chassis in its own enclosure and a fuel tank made out of plastic with a capacity of 45 litres.

As optional accessories, we can incorporate a fuel tank floating device (to control fuel capacity) and a lifting hook to increase its portability.

These generator sets are available from 7 to 30 kVA and display the quality and the anti-corrosion treatment that is a main feature on all Grupel products.


Our IndustrialRange of generator sets is directed at industries and it is was designed to function as the main power source (or as an emergency source) where there is no other source of energy, or when there is one, it is very frail.

This range of diesel powered electric generators cover a wide array of powers ranging from 40-1200 kVA and are a result of the work of our Research & Development team here at Grupel.

This range is prepared to withstand adverse weather conditions such as dust, sand, temperature variations, heavy rains and snow.

It was also designed to provide maximum performance and offer maximum accessibility during the time of use for, as an example, maintenance purposes.

Although its use is mainly directed at industries, the uses can also be extended to residential areas, tourism, agricultural applications, among others.

HeavyRange Grupel


The HeavyRange of our containerized diesel generators are characterized by the ability to provide low and/or medium power voltage on a continuous basis as well as act as a source of power in case of emergency.

It has easy installation features and is designed to be transported and adapted according to each client specific needs.

This technically advanced generators range has applications in the areas of public construction, industry, general
construction, airports, hospitals and Telecom companies, among others. For its high power generation capacity, they can also be used together as a production plant or as a significant support to the public power network during hourly peaks in big and populated areas.

In this HeavyRange our client can rely on all the quality characteristics of our products combined with several customization services, specially tailored to each project’s specific needs.


One of our most distinctive characteristics in our line of work is our ability to adapt to the individual needs of
each client. The watchword for Grupel in our SpecialProjects range is only one: Flexibility.

With a variety of extras, Grupel special projects generators can also be customized, enhanced and changed
according to our customer needs over the years.

Special Projects
Gas Range


The use of this fuel has transformed the production of electric power throughout the years, having transformed into the most low-cost and environmental safe power generation option.

The electrical output from generators powered by natural gas, both in industry and housing, is obtained at a lower cost than thermal production by replacing diesel and other expensive fuels and pollutants. These devices can use different types of gas as a fuel: natural gas, biogas, among others. They feature high efficiency, great reliability and respect the environment by releasing low atmospheric gases emissions.

The energy generated by our gas range generators can be used on industrial facilities, shopping centers, petrochemical industry, cogeneration plants, airports etc.


Grupel’s LightingTowers range is characterized by its efficiency and simplicity that allows these products to be used on all types of weather and field conditions.

They are available in two models:

Lighting towers with six fixtures, installed on a 20-30KVA generator set and lighting towers with four fixtures, installed on a generator set from 4-8KVA.

Our lighting towers are portrayed by their durability, reliability and ease of use.



The RentalRange by Grupel comprises generator sets specially designed for the rental generators market and serves temporary power supply needs. Its main applications are in construction sites, roads, underground structures, parties and events in general, telecommunications, industries etc.

The main feature of this range is the soundproof canopy which is reinforced with rock wool in order to comply with the most stringent specifications of noise emissions to the atmosphere.

It has a wide range of accessories that facilitate the maintenance process such as easy access to refueling (according to electrical safety and environmental standards), pre-filter systems, fittings and electrical connections with easy control panels, etc.

This range was designed and produced with the necessary strength and solidity to operate in adverse weather conditions.