Grupel team travelling through Germany


For Grupel, it is important to be close to markets and their customers in order to serve them with solutions that really make a difference.

With a wide range of power generators for various uses such as industries, homes, companies and infrastructures, our mission is to support businesses and communities around the world.

In this sense, Grupel’s energy has been in Germany for some years now, and it is part of our goals to consolidate our presence in this important market, keeping up with significant partnerships and a strategy of anticipating the needs of these customers.

To do this, we need to be familiar with their requirements and consumption habits, as well as the standards and legislation to which their activities are subject. Being close to them becomes even more important.

Therefore, Grupel’s team was in Germany, making our brand and products known on the ground and to important players, positioning Grupel as a reliable supplier for their energy projects.

The account manager for this market, Andrea Dias, tells us about the visit:

“It was important to be on the ground, in close contact with people, to show them our solutions and the value we can add to their energy projects. Proximity is crucial because it also allows us to identify the real needs and challenges of the markets, and also the other players in the sector and how they position themselves.”

According to the saleswoman, Grupel’s goal for Germany is to establish itself as a

“credible and reliable choice and, to this end, we hope to be able to be present in some distribution channels and guarantee market entry at scale”.


This strategy can be extended to other European markets, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria or Italy, where Grupel hopes to have an increasingly solid presence, offering generator sets and energy solutions capable of responding to the challenges that arise day after day in the sector and in the daily lives of communities.

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