Grupel’s unforgettable Sunset Party


Last Saturday, July 29th, Grupel’s employees gathered at Root’s Beach Club in Praia da Barra for an extraordinary Sunset Party, an evening of joy, conviviality and celebration. With the aim of fostering stronger ties and connections between colleagues and taking a break from the work routine, the party proved to be a success.

The event led each Grupelian and a companion to participate in the festivities, which included, among others, an interactive dancing and singing game, clowning and fire performances, a DJ set and moments of bonding conversation.

In the words of the CEO, Marco Santos, Grupel’s Sunset Party was an opportunity to, in an informal setting, with colleagues and their loved ones, “relax and get to know each other better, with good times and laughter”.

The most emotional moment of the evening came when, at nightfall, Grupel honored its longest-serving employee, Carlos Dias, for his outstanding dedication over 40 years and his invaluable contribution to the company’s success over the years.

After an intense dance session and at the end of the party, the participants left taking with them countless new memories, shared experiences and strengthened connections, which will certainly strengthen the teams and the workplace, ensuring an ever better future for Grupel.


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