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Wards, clinics, hospitals and other health infrastructures are essential to ensure the well-being and safety of communities, since they work on the treatment of diseases and traumas, the containment of infections and on disease prevention.

These places, where sensitive processes are performed, such as surgeries, medical examinations and patient monitoring and stabilization procedures, depend on electricity, so it is essential to ensure a reliable, stable and uninterrupted supply to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and, therefore, the safety of patients and professionals.

Grupel’s projects for the healthcare sector meet a series of features that give them the necessary precision and reliability for an application where there is no margin for error:



Depending on the facilities, equipment and processes that need to be powered, Grupel’s generators for this sector have a wide range of powers to meet any need and facilitate the adaptation to each context. In addition, they are suitable for standby operation, starting up in the event of a power grid failure, or for continuous operation, over longer periods, if the dysfunction is more severe and long-lasting.

Both standard generator sets and special projects can respond to the requirements and specificities of this application, depending on the characteristics and complexity of each context.


Reliability and quick response

The power generators for healthcare units are manufactured with high quality components which guarantee great efficiency, both in terms of operation and consumption. Grupel’s generators are certified by the ISO 9001 quality standard and by the CE marking, which refers to European production standards.

It is essential that the genset starts on time and properly, taking the load of the facility safely and ensuring the continued operation of hospital equipment. Therefore, Grupel’s projects are programmed with automatic and redundant start-up mode, in order to avoid human intervention and to ensure the reliable start-up of the group, at critical moments, saving time and avoiding damages.



The engines used in this type of generator sets, namely those of the Grupel brand, have electronic speed control, which ensures the adjustment of speed electrically, considerably reducing the response time of the engine when there are speed variations and more demanding loads.



Given the sensitive nature of the application, power generators serving the healthcare sector must have the ability to operate to meet any kind of need, including an unpredictable long-lasting failure. For this, it is important that the projects have sufficient autonomy, which is achieved by implementing fuel tanks with larger capacity.



Many are the solutions that over the years our team has been developing for energy support to hospitals and clinics around the world. From standard electrical generators to special solutions of greater complexity, we present you 4 Grupel projects for the healthcare sector:


Planned Parenthood Clinic, Sudan

Project composed by a 150kVA generator, with Perkins engine and Leroy Somer alternator, to support a health unit specialized in planned parenthood, based in Khartoum, Sudan.


La Portada Municipal Hospital, Bolivia

A 720kVA generator set consisting of a Perkins engine, installed at the Hospital Municipal de La Portada, La Paz (Bolivia), to ensure power supply in case of a grid failure.


Chase Farm Hospital, United Kingdom

Project composed of three 2250kVA power generators, with MTU engines and Stamford alternators, to operate at the Chase Farm Hospital, in England (United Kingdom).

The containerized groups, with a total power of 6.75 MVA, were designed to meet the country’s regulatory requirements, to operate in standby mode to support the hospital’s facilities in case of failure, but also for STOR operation – at intervals of one to two hours to export power to the grid.


Mobile Military Clinic, United Arab Emirates

Project consisting of two sets of generators with Deutz engines, Leroy Somer alternators and a combined power of 2750kVA, for the supply of mobile military clinics, in Abu-Dhabi.

One of the sets has four 500kVA generators, in 20″ soundproofed containers, which are managed by the same control and distribution system. The other set has one 500kVA and one 250kVA generator. Both sets are able to operate in desert environments, with extreme temperatures and frequent sandstorms.


Power generators ensure the continuity of operation of healthcare equipment and facilities, which is essential in this sector where a failure, however small, can have disastrous consequences, including the loss of lives. That is why Grupel’s projects for the healthcare sector are produced with the utmost attention to detail, gathering the necessary features for a reliable and stable operation.



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