Kick Energy 2020 – Grupel Sets Goals for the New Year

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On January 10th, Grupel celebrated 44 years of activity with a new edition of Kick Energy. In an auditorium occupied by all the company’s employees, we reflected on Grupel’s history, and shared the goals for 2020.

The session was opened by Eng. Marco Santos who focused his intervention on two basic ideas: the unity of the team and the full use of the potential of all departments.

The CEO called for Grupel’s team to be united, stressing that only by working together and with the same goals in mind can we achieve what we set out to do, and also said that he believes that the potential of the various teams in the company can lead to even better and more ambitious results if we get the most out of them.

Then it was the turn of those responsible for each department to speak. Each presented the results achieved by their teams, in 2019, taking the goals they had set at the beginning of the same year into account. They also shared their goals for the new year ahead.

Since last year, this event serves a very important purpose: that everyone is aware of the achievements and goals of each team, so they can fine-tune their strategy and their work to fight for the common goals, in harmony and together.

During the Coffee Break, there was cake and other snacks to celebrate 44 years, full of challenges and achievements, that have put Grupel in a prominent position in the Portuguese market and have helped it be internationally recognized.

After the conference, the group gathered around the table at dinner, where there were many surprises, excitement and of course a lot of energy! The conviviality extended into the night and the team spirit reigned until dawn, which can only be a good sign of things to come.

Inspired by these moments of commitment and socializing, we promise innovation, commitment and our best energy in 2020!

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