Kick Energy 2024 – evaluating the past and building the future


On January 12th, Grupel held another edition of Kick Energy, where it kicked off the new year.

To do this, employees from the whole company gathered for a conference session and a celebratory dinner.

Kick Energy 2024 was the motto for a session of sharing information on the 2023 balance sheet and the goals that each department hopes to achieve in 2024.

From administration to technical and IT assistance, sales and marketing, human resources, production, special projects, finance, supply chain, quality and safety, each department head was able to report on the objectives achieved in 2023, the points for improvement to be implemented in 2024 and the goals set for the future, with the clear aim of becoming number one in the unlisted companies sector. An ambitious goal, but one clearly defined by the CEO, Marco Santos.


For the company, 2023 was a difficult but successful year, which started off very busy as a result of the 40% growth in 2022, but was marked in the second quarter by the cooling of the market. Grupel was able to anticipate the challenges and create differentiated solutions to continue to respond, with quality and rigor, to the needs and requirements of clients all over the world, recording an increase in turnover of around 15%, solidifying its presence in Latin America and reaching new markets, such as Cuba and Nicaragua, as well as other countries in the Middle and Far East.

At the moment, Grupel’s geographical coverage is total, and it has even incorporated two members for the Sales Department, based in China and Dubai.

In addition, 2023 was marked by major investments in the modernization and expansion of the company’s facilities, a project that is expected to continue in 2024, in order to guarantee the best production and storage conditions, as well as working conditions for all employees.


For 2024, even more ambitious goals have been set, in every sense, from production efficiency and sustainability to product development and human resource performance. It is hoped for Grupel to continue growing in orders, turnover and markets conquered, while constantly improving all production processes, technical assistance, purchasing, logistics and internal communication. The focus will remain on customers, their satisfaction and the creation of innovative solutions that meet their needs.


Kick Energy 2024 also served to celebrate Grupel’s 48th anniversary. And so, throughout the night, Grupelians got together for dinner in an atmosphere of great excitement and unity. Moments that strengthen the team spirit among those who, day after day, work with the same mission: to take the best Energy to the whole world.


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