IKEA Alfragide

Grupel genset supports IKEA store in Portugal

Grupel Energy is at the service of IKEA, in Alfragide, Portugal, with a 1485kVA generator set.

EXEO Office Campus

Gerador de apoio ao EXEO Office Campus

Grupel has produced and supplied a generator set to support a business center in Lisbon (Portugal), the EXEO Office Campus.

Ilha do Farol


Grupel carried out the replacement of a defective generator for another genset of 447kVA, at the Ilha do Farol, Faro.


Generator for Bluepharma

Grupel supplied a genset of 910kVA, with Baudouin engine and Grupel alternator and controller, to an important pharmaceutical company.

Carlos Lopes Pavilion

Generators for the Carlos Lopes Pavilion

Supply of two three-phase generators, with 400kVA each, Doosan engine and Stamford alternator for a sports / events space.


generators for shopping center

Supply of two diesel power generators of 700kVA and 275kVA to operate in emergency mode in a shopping center.

Sakthi SP21

Sakthi SP21

Installation of 2 gensets with 400kVA and 1000kVA for backup power in an industrial unit.