Grupel's range of industrial generators is especially targeted for industry and it's conceived to operate as a main or emergency power source in facilities where there is no other source of energy, or when it exists, it is very weak and instable.

These power generators are intended for a diverse set of applications, with high customization potential, in order to meet both the demands of the application context and location, and the requirements inherent to the application purpose for which they are intended.

In professional and business sectors of high sensitivity, such as manufacturing and healthcare units, data centers or hotels, this range of products ensures an electricity supply capable of counteracting any interruption or instability that affects the electrical network, being automatically activated in case of supply failure.

With excellent quality, competitive prices and guaranteed assistance, Grupel's industrial gensets are the ideal solution for your needs.

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» Power from 30 to 1500kVA

» Available in open and soundproof versions

» Versatility of engine and alternator combinations

» Continuous or emergency operation

» Solid construction for adverse weather conditions

» Maximum operating performance

» Remote Access Controller

» Easy accessibility for maintenance


Why choose Grupel?



For 45 years Grupel has been developing, producing and commercializing power generators, bringing energy to the whole world.



Grupel is a brand recognized in Portugal and awarded on several occasions. This recognition is not limited to Portugal, since we can find it in more than 70 countries on 5 continents.



We work with the highest quality components, including our own Grupel brand. We are also certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.



Grupel has a wide range of powers, which allows us to supply highly demanding applications, such as industries, data centers, hospitals, hotels, infrastructures or power plants and cogeneration systems.



Our team works daily to respond to any need, doubt, or intervention that you may require. We have a specialized team and support services for the maintenance of your generator.



We work on long lasting partnerships and for client satisfaction. We support the entire life cycle of the project and collaborate on the development of the best solutions adapted to each need.

Do you have doubts?

To ensure that the generator will have the necessary power, in the case of these peaks, normally, 25% is added to the contracted power. On the other hand, we also must be careful not to oversize, as a generator that works at less than 30% of the load may have engine problems.

In case the consumed power is irregular or has many peaks (frequent in industries), we use the electricity analyzer to make the measurements. This process allows us to analyze the load of the installation for a week so that, in the end, it is possible to determine the power required to power the building. However, even after this analysis, it is necessary to check other types of equipment that may not be working, but whose use may be daily, at other times, such as the air conditioning.

The electrical energy analyzer is placed in the cables at the grid entrance, which must always be performed by a professional. This device measures voltage and current, and calculates the active and reactive power consumed, at each moment, by the installation. At the same time, it performs harmonic analysis of the voltage and current in the installation, in order to determine the quality of the supply for our load, which is an important factor in the selection of the generator.

In Portugal, generators operate mostly as emergency systems, therefore, it is important to check what power is required in the event of a network failure, considering only the essential equipment of daily life.

When in doubt, it is also possible to calculate the values of each device, individually, to create a total of necessary power.

Power failures are inevitable, whether due to technical issues or adverse terrain and weather conditions. Standby generators or emergency run generators are used to, in situations like these, fill in as the main source of energy in the event of a network failure.

Having an alternative source of electricity is a useful and often highly necessary option, with many sectors and activities relying on energy continuously. Places such as supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, data centers, industries, works, events, among others, cannot afford to suffer a failure in the supply of electricity, because this generally corresponds to serious losses, ranging from production failures, loss of data and information, or even the occurrence of accidents.

Backup generators are, therefore, ideal and reliable solutions to keep the equipment functioning, during a network failure, since, when this happens, they take the load previously supported by the network.

In simple technical terms, the controller, which checks if there’s power supply from the grid, starts the generator when it fails and, as soon as the group is ready to supply power to the installation, sends a signal to the automatic transfer switch, connecting the generator to the load. The reverse process happens when the power is restored to the power grid.

It is also possible to have a backup generator that starts manually. The installation operator must start the generator manually and, after it stabilizes, invert the transfer switch to the 'generator' position. When resuming power through the grid, the operator must invert the transfer switch to the 'grid' position and then stop the generator.

As for choosing the model and power best suited for you and / or your business, you should take into account what you want to connect to it. That is, you must adjust the power of your generator (s) to the power of the installation and of the various circuits and equipment you intend to supply.

A standby / backup generator will have a long life, as long as it is checked and maintained periodically.

There are several advantages to having a diesel generator in your company. In the European market, for example, one of the most advantageous factors is the fact that this type of generator is more efficient, considering cost, maintenance and performance, when compared to natural gas or gasoline generators.
When purchasing one or more generators for your company, you should consider several factors and compare equipment to make an assertive purchase. To do this, you must analyze the real needs of your company, that is, the use it will give to the diesel generator, also counting on maintenance.

In Europe, if you are to use the generator continuously, a diesel generator is the most economical solution.

» Some of the advantages of having a diesel generator in your company:
» Diesel generators are high performance equipment that generate electricity
» They are designed to produce energy for a longer period compared to other generators
» They can be used in the most diverse sectors of activity, namely: hospitals, factories, offices, events, etc.
» They have different powers, so you can choose the one that best suits your company's needs
» There is a possibility of being soundproofed, which significantly reduces noise levels that may interfere with your company's working environment
» Diesel is a fuel that can be easily purchased at any gas station

It presents high levels of efficiency and high performance, guaranteeing a continuous supply of energy, without breaks, which is important to ensure that your company will not have to deal with unforeseen circumstances when carrying out daily tasks
Maintenance of diesel generators is more economical than that of gasoline and natural gas generators
A diesel engine is also more advantageous than a gasoline engine, as it has a longer life cycle, but for this it is important to do the proper maintenance

There are several types of diesel generators, with different sizes, powers and attributes. Your choice always depends on your company’s needs.

The extras in a standard genset are something very usual because one of the features that most distinguishes Grupel is the capacity to adapt its products to each case, application or purpose. With the variety of extras in a standard genset that we have available, the generators manufactured by Grupel can be customized, improved and changed according to the customer’s needs.

The genset has as purpose to fulfill the energy demand, and it can be used as the main source or an auxiliary source and thanks to that, the requests of extras are variable, because the customer demand is also variable.

In the standard genset, the most applications extras are:

Pre-heating resistance

This component has the function to warm and maintain the water in the ideal temperature providing the cooling liquid circulation in the engine, which makes it necessary to apply in the emergency gensets or in environments with temperatures inferior to 10ºC.

» Eases the engine start-up
» Increases de acceptance of instant load
» Rises the durability of the engine

Switchboard grid-genset

As the name suggests, this component serves to do a switch between the main source (usually the grid) and the secondary source (genset), if the main source fails.

» The energy is reconnected automatically
» Possibility to be incorporated in its own genset

Increase the fuel tank capacity

The gensets have a dairy tank incorporated that can differ according to the canopy that is used, but there is the possibility to increase its capacity.

» More autonomy hours

Retention Bund

This component is applicated in the genset base and its function is to retain the liquids that can spill from the equipment.

» Avoids higher costs to build a bund in concrete
» Eases the posterior collection of spilled liquids

Sockets kit

We already have predefined the sockets that we are going to apply by knowing the amperage, however, is always possible to change it if the customer requests.

» Direct and ease connection of equipment’s to the genset
» Availability of several options of protected Amperage by the respective circuit breakers

Lifting eye

In most cases of our canopy, this component is part of the manufacturing of the gensets, but in the versions where this doesn’t happen, it is possible to integrate this option.

» Easy handling

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