Military Project from an engineering perspective

Grupel Military Project

Military Project from an engineering perspective

The gensets in this military project characterize for having very complex specifications, which have many requirements and details that are destined to ease the usage of these gensets.

Through the development of this military project, we intended to create a system of fast implementation where every element must allow an optimize assembly and disassembly since we have as base the Plug & Play with the purpose to facilitate the user on set.

The engineering equipment resulted in two types of power plants, PSS35, and PGS10. The PSS35 is created with two trailers PSS35 and a trailer PDU (Primary Distribution Unit). Each PSS35 is composed for two gensets of 35kW that can operate in AMF mode, in remote mode receiving orders from the customer's system, or in parallel mode between the genset through the PDU. The PGS10 is created with one trailer with two gensets of 10kW that operate alternation but can also function in AMF mode or remote mode.

We created robust gensets that allow the user to start the equipment’s in an environment from -30º up to 50ºC, and that can function also with aeronautic fuel. With these requirements, we managed the selection of the engine and peripherals that allow the correct functioning of the genset under these conditions. It was also necessary to do a distinct configurations study of two gensets in the trailer to avoid the overheating when they face a lack of space for maintenance work when there are in parallel. However, this manner was resolved by the mechanical division in the engineering department by finding a solution that avoids the overheating and eases the maintenance and the genset checking.

For being a Plug & Play system, Grupel shaped a system that allows the transportation of all the necessary material for an operation inside its own trailer. This means, that all the gensets have all the accessories, tools, hoses and cables necessary to implement a PSS35 and PGS10 system. All the cables and hoses are inserted in the winding, which is going to ease the implementation on set, however, this was a challenge for the engineering department with weight limitations, dimensions required by the road rules, maximum measurements that were allowed in the air transportation, and not just design the gensets in the trailers but also the complete mobile power plants.

Last, of all, we highlight the high standards of quality that Grupel ensures with this project and had to assume the performance of unusual tests. We performed cold start-up tests in which we tested the reliability of start-up under -30ºC, road test with gensets-trailer, where they were submitted to rolling tests in which we simulated the less favorable conditions that may happen on site because it is possible that they operate in a war environment. Both tests were approved and validated by the customer.


Raquel Martinez
Special Project Proposal Manager

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