The process of a military project

military project Grupel

The process of a military project

Recently we had a big project in Grupel, a military project that had a great level of concentration and demand from every department.

The process in this military project started through a tender to develop and manufacture the energy solution.

After this process, the starting point was the negotiation, like usual, when it comes to develop and manufacture a project the process of negotiation is intense because it is necessary to discuss costs and more importantly the technical solutions.

Since Grupel already has experience in these types of projects, the process happened naturally over the long months of information exchange. The customer’s satisfaction is only fulfilled when the product/service goes beyond the customers’ expectations, and for that, it is essential to listen to the customer and truly understand their needs.

Throughout the project the requirements where very specific and due to its military application, reliability and operability are crucial matters. One example that we can give is the functioning range when it comes to temperature because Grupel had to ensure that the equipment was ready to work under -30ºC temperatures, or still ensure that the engine work with other fuels and not just diesel. We were also obligated to perform mobility tests to the gensets in order to guarantee that the trailers were having a correct performance in fields off road.

Apart from these features, the gensets were developed to operate in a war environment, providing energy autonomously or with the possibility to alternate with the grid or in parallel.

This was a high demand project for Grupel since it had to design the project, conception, and manufacturing. The engineering department had to design a product that respected every specification, the supply chain had to look for suppliers that would answer to the customer's needs, materials, and deadlines, the production department had to find ways to put all the pieces together and ensure the gensets quality.

About the Start-up & Training, the equipment’s where sent to 8 different locations, and the Grupel team is going to perform training on set about these gensets. In addition, Grupel also developed a specific user manual to fulfill the needs of this application. These are very detailed manuals so that the users can operate and diagnostic possible failures in a quick way and determine all the components of the genset.


José Machado
Key Account Manager

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