Privacy Policy

Grupel SA and the other companies that belong to Group Omnisantos are committed to protecting the privacy of its users in their websites. Therefore, they wrote and present the following Privacy Policy, to highlight their commitment and act accordingly with the principles of privacy and personal data protection that collect and process in the strict compliance of the legislation of personal data protection.

To the website users, we recommend them to read this policy, in order to understand and accept the conditions that make the personal data available and that authorize to collect, process and disclosure, in accordance with the regulation that is here presented.

Vagos, May 22, 2018


The present document aims to inform every user of Grupel’s website and other companies that belong to Group Omnisantos about its privacy policy, setting the terms of protection of collected information.When using our website, the users must declare that he read and accepted our present policy.

2.Personal data 

The personal data must be understood as the information, of any nature or support, including sound and image connected to an identified or identifiable natural person: a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifiable number or to one or more specific elements of its physical identity, physiology, psychic, economic, cultural or social.

3.Data collection 

When visiting the website, there is no need to provide any personal information to use the present website. This page only collects personal identifiable information that is specific and provided voluntarily by the visitors. When visiting our website, you may choose to provide us with personal information. For example, if you decide to fill out a form, you may be asked to provide certain information, such as your contact details (name, email address, postal address and telephone number), age, sex and information about the product you intend to purchase. We invite you to provide information about your shopping experience and navigation, in order to enable us to provide a personalized service. In this case, we will offer you the opportunity to consent to the processing of such information that might be considered sensitive under the law of your country or region. We point out that if you choose not to give this authorization, we cannot collect or use that information and it will not be possible to provide any custom related services such as budget requests or any other issues that force us to use your personal data as a response form. If you prefer that we do not collect any of your personal information, we ask you to please not provide it.

4.Type of data collection 

Grupel SA will collect the following data: name, e-mail, phone and IP, but only after the user have consented it. The data will be processed in compliance with the legislation, namely through database storage properly protected, which is not used for other purposes that aren’t identified in the user consent and that are explicit in the request. Apart from the cases predicted by law, it is prohibiting to process personal data referred philosophic or politic convictions, party or trade union membership, religion, private life and racial or ethnic origin, as well as the processing data related to health, sexual orientation, including genetic data. However, under the current policy, in the case that the user voluntarily provides these information’s to Grupel SA or other companies that belong to Group Omnisantos they will not be responsible for its processing.

5.The use of personal data by GRUPEL SA and other companies of the Omnisantos group

A) Marketing Communications 

If you so choose, the information that you provide may be used by GRUPEL SA and other companies in the Omnisantos group to create and send you communications such as our newsletters, surveys or other messages containing information about products and events, news, promotions and/or other unspecified communications. If you prefer to not receive these communications, please choose the option to not receive them. If you choose to receive communications and decide later that you no longer want to receive them, you can edit your inbound communications option via the e-mail newsletters service provider used by GRUPEL SA and other companies in the Omnisantos group.

B) Service Communications 

If you chose to provide us with your contact details, we may send you service information by any means, including by email, regarding our websites or contact you about the customer service requests or any related questions. These types of communications are necessary to serve you, to respond to your concerns and to ensure high quality of customer service provided by GRUPEL SA and other companies in the Omnisantos group.

C) Custom Services 

We may use your personal information to provide you with a personalized service and to allow you an effective use of our Website. For example, we may suggest products that might interest you.

D) Special Events, Questionnaires, and Surveys

Promptly GRUPEL SA and other companies in the Omnisantos group may promote special events (such as contests, sweepstakes, or other offerings), questionnaires, and surveys. Specific rules may exist to these promotions that explain the processing mode when any personal information is provided. We strongly suggest reviewing any applicable rules before participating. To the extent that any special event, questionnaire or survey is not subject to specific rules, the processing of personal information is governed by this Privacy Policy and the objectives described therein.

E) Employment/Recruitment processes 

If you give us personal information for employment purposes, such as your resume, we will treat these information’s as confidential, and we will only use them in order to consider your application for employment opportunities (present or future) or to contact you regarding a job opportunity at GRUPEL SA or other companies of the Omnisantos group. With your consent, we will keep your information on file for the effects of other recruitment opportunities that may arise during a period that we consider as enough or necessary for the purpose that motived the collecting and processing, storage and conservation when this period ends the data will be eliminated.

6.Data Controller / Data Processor 

Grupel SA and other companies in the Omnisantos group will assume control and responsibility for the personal information you provide, and the collection, lodging, and processing of such personal data will respect the precepts of regulation (UE) 2016/679 of European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016, related to the protection of individuals concerning to the personal data processing and to the free circulation of the same and repealing directive 95/46/CE. We kept our security devices on our website in order to prevent the dissemination, usage, alterations or destruction non-consented of personal information’s provided by users. However, since the present website is provided by the public internet, the personal information’s provided by users are collected in an open network, and these information’s may be seen and used by unauthorized third parties, in the case of piracy. If you have any doubt about our website security, please contact us by our contact form.

7.Personal data storage 

The personal data are stored by Grupel SA and other companies in the Omnisantos group, that will keep these data while there are relationships between them and respective owners, or by keeping purpose from which they were collected in a way to allow the owners identification until they end definitely the relationship. Thus, the period of data storage can variate according to its purpose for which this information is processed, although there might be legal regulations that can obligate the storage for a minimal period, and when this ends the collected information’s will be destroyed.

8.Rights of the data subjects 

To the data subjects will be granted to the protections and information rights (article nº12,13º and 14º RGPD), access (article nº15 RGPD), rectification (article nº16 RGPD), erasure (article nº17 RGPD), processing limitations (article nº18 RGPD), portability (article nº20 RGPD), opposition (article nº21 RGPD) and individual automated decision (article nº22 RGPD), related to the personal data in question, at any moment. For that, you must contact the company, please contact us by our contact form.

9.Minors Privacy 

If you are under 18 years of age, you can browse our website, however, you cannot provide us with personal information. This present Website is not designed for children under 18 years-old and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18. If we know that, unintentionally, we have collected personal information from a minor on our Website, we will delete such information from our records.

10.Third parties 

We may nominate other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf in accordance with this Privacy Policy. For example, include data analysis firms, experts in support of customers, e-mail vendors, Internet pages hosting companies and order processing companies and other services (companies that coordinate mailings). Such third parties may be given access to personal information needed to perform their duties, subject to the prohibition of data use except for our account and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Each one of these entities involved in the personal data processing is obligated to meet the applicable law referring to the data protection, in particular to the referring security and confidentiality of its processing. Grupel SA and other companies in the Omnisantos assurance that the entities that have access to the data provide protection guarantee, but never will provide more information than what they need.

11.The information we share and with whom 

We do not provide your personal information to third parties for their use in marketing products or services without your permission. Also, we do not sell or disclose other information of visitors to our Website except as described in this Privacy Policy.

12.Obligations of the entities involved in the data processing 

Every entity involved in the personal data processing needs to meet the applicable law to the data protection matter, specifically referring to the security and confidentiality of its processing. In this regard, in law terms, those responsible for the personal data processing and every person that in its functions, that have knowledge of it, is obligated to professional secrecy.

13.Observance of the Law 

We may disclose information necessary to comply with any applicable law or regulation, legal process or governmental request. In addition, we may disclose any information when it is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in case of suspected or real check of illegal activities.

14.Update to our Privacy Policy 

We conduct specific revisions to this Privacy Policy. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post the revised policy on this website. We suggest that you check this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to check on any alterations. The effective date of this Privacy Policy is stated at the top of this page.


We strive to great lengths to ensure that your visit to our website is excellent and foremost that your privacy is utterly respected. We encourage our visitors to read this privacy policy before sharing any type of personal information. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our privacy practices and privacy policy, please contact us by our contact form.

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