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Grupel has produced and implemented one unit of 2 Gensets of 1000kVA in a Grupel special project with a continuous power and in parallel in a unit of 5MVA in the company Acail Angola, in the province of Luanda, Angola.

The integrated system included the supply and installation of two gensets, reprogramming the managing units and control of other gensets, as well as the performance of the synchronism with the grid in a way that it can equally work in peak shaving.

In this generation unit, the engines selected were the model 16V2000G26F from the brand MTU, due to its optimization of fuel consumption. The gensets will produce in low tension and after it will be elevated internally to medium tension 6,6V, in which it will be performed the synchronism with the gensets.

In these gensets of Heavy Range, all systems were verified, specifically:

  • System of air intake and outtake;
  • Cooling system;
  • Lubrification system;
  • Fuel System;
  • Electric and connections system;
  • Start-up and place in synchronism between gensets;
  • Start-up and place in synchronism between gensets and grid.


The client Acail has an innovating system of reuse exhaust gases to separate gases and its future use.

The gensets are managed through a control unit that must do the monitorization of the good functioning of the grid that comes from transformer post, and in the case of failure or if it is out of the parameter previously defined, one or more gensets must start.

Another way of functioning is the parallel synchronism with the grid, so that the client can reinforce its internal grid or if he needs instant power in its facilities.


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