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Grupel develops solutions for generator sets for a wide range of sectors, including the commercial sector. Within this sector, we highlight the implementation of two industrial generators with combined power of about 1000kVA in a reference project in the interior of Alentejo.

Grupel was the company selected by the installer Flosel to supply the generators that will serve the supplementary power needs of the ÉvoraShopping shopping center, a commercial investment project of over 60 million euros, located in Évora. This shopping center has 20.000m2 of construction area distributed over two floors and is the first shopping center of the company Ares Capital, in Portugal.

According to the project developer, this shopping center has about 70 stores and five cinemas, besides a supermarket, a varied food area and support parking with more than 930 places.

For this project, Grupel supplied two three-phase generators, with powers of 700kVA and 275kVA, which will operate in emergency mode.

The 275kVA generator was equipped with:

  • Doosan engine model P126TI-2
  • Stamford alternator UCDI274K
  • Soundproofed canopy model Grupel 3800II


The 700kVA generator was equipped with:

  • Doosan DP180LB engine
  • Stamford alternator model HCI544F
  • Soundproofed canopy model Grupel 4500II


In order to guarantee the availability of the equipment, the 250kVA generator was equipped with a 550 liters fuel tank and the generator with the power of 700kVA was equipped with an 800 liters fuel tank.

Grupel is proud to be able to have an active participation in a project that aims the economic development of the Portuguese interior, in an investment that provides spaces with such diverse areas intended to host not only the large commercial chains, but also small businesses of the Alentejo region.


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