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Grupel has produced and supplied a generator set to the Baltic Fish Export UAB, a company in the food and fish conservation industry.

The 650kVA genset is made up of a Baudouin engine and a Grupel alternator and it was designed to operate in standby mode, starting up in case of failure of the regular power grid.


It, thus, provides back-up power to this facility, that is composed of a main plant and some warehouses, and includes heavy refrigeration and freezing systems and machinery for activities like fish and seafood processing, freezing and packaging.

Baltic Fish Export processes, packs and stores different kinds of fish caught in the Baltic region as well as imported from Scandinavia and other countries. From the facilities, the products are transported to retailers in the local market and also for export trading to the European Union Member States.

The food industry sector, namely companies related to fishery and frozen products, depends on a stable energy supply since it relies on demanding systems, like industrial freezers and packaging machinery, to keep the products in a good state of conservation for further distribution.

For this reason, it is common to use standby generators that ensure the continuity of power production when the grid fails and thus guarantee the normal operation of this type of industries.



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