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3 x 730kVA + 1 x 220kVA

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Installation of three power generators with 730 kVA each and another unit with 220 kVA to operate in parallel, in the shopping center Luanda Retail Park, in the province of Luanda, Angola.

The companies Nortécnica, Noantek and Watt, with the technical support of Grupel, successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the equipments.

The integrated system includes the supply and assembly of the management and control units for the generators.

The supply and installation of a fuel tank of 10,000 liters was also carried out, with the connection to the tanks, sealing system and all necessary materials and accessories.

Supply and installation of 4 400 / 230V generators, 3x730KVA + 1×220 kVA equipped with controllers, including soundproofed body and exhaust pipes.

All systems were verified, namely:

  1. The air system inlet and outlet;
  2. Gas exhaust system;
  3. Cooling system;
  4. Lubrication system;
  5. Fuel system;
  6. Electrical connection system;
  7. Start-up and start-up synchronized in alternation.


The groups are managed by a control unit that will control the proper functioning of the power network derived from the PT and in case of failure, it must start up one or more generators (if) the power requirements so require and also the start-up of the night generator, overnight.


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