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Grupel is a company founded in 1976, resulting from the merger of two leading brands in the production of generator sets in Iberia, Grupel and Cymasa. Its production unit is located in Aveiro - Portugal, with a surface of about 24.000 m2.

We have a wide range of diesel, gasoline or gas generators, both standard and custom-made, with power ratings from 3 to 3500kVA. Our products are ready to operate as a primary or emergency power source, in case of power failure, either in your home, company or industrial unit.

Our electric generators have great durability and performance and can be used in power or cogeneration plants, hotels, hospitals or farms for example.

We only use components from internationally recognized brands or from our own brand. We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, which guarantees the highest quality service and products.

We offer specialized commercial support and after-sales technical assistance.
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Our Product Range


Portable Gasoline Generators
(2 - 7kVA)


Diesel Generators
(7 - 60kVA)


Diesel Generators
(30 - 1500kVA)


Diesel Generators
(600 - 3000kVA)