Grupel Diesel Generators support Solar PV based mini-grid projects in Bangladesh

Super Star Solar Mini-Grid
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Grupel Diesel Generators support Solar PV based mini-grid projects in Bangladesh

In the scope of the agreement with the company Super Star Group (SSG) for the distribution of Grupel diesel generators in Bangladesh, we present in this article a project from our local distributor for the support of a Solar PV based mini-grid.

Solar PV based mini-grid projects are installed in isolated areas of the country where the possibility of grid expansion is very remote in the near future. These projects provide grid quality electricity to general households and small commercial users and thereby encourage commercial activities in the project areas thus enhancing the country’s rural development and day-to-day living.

In this particular project, the Super Star Solar mini-grid is located at Char Baghutia, Daulotpur, Manikganj, in Bangladesh.

The installed PV size of Super Star Solar Mini Grid is 241.68kWp and the total project will supply electricity to:

  • 962 households;
  • 96 shops;
  • 16 social institutions (e.g. mosques, madrashas and schools);
  • 4 rice mills;
  • 1 saw mill;
  • 20 irrigation pumps (through 5km three phase and 9km single phase (total 14km) overhead distribution network).

Among the main components that are used in this project it is one 150kVA Grupel brand backup diesel generator.

Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd. is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the solar mini-grid project and the generated electricity directly sells to connected customers through a prepaid energy meter system.

Grupel is proud to support SSG in the development and growth of rural and remote areas in Bangladesh, thus enhancing our commitment of taking our energy truly everywhere.

This project presents itself as an addition to Grupel's extensive portfolio of international reference projects, which not only contribute to elevate the company to worldwide quality standards, as well as consolidate the company as a top choice for the production and supply of power solutions for every need.

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