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Recently, on May 7th and 8th, we received in our facilities Grupel, SAT (Technical Assistance Training) members from Spain for a Grupel Academy training with focus on technical service on Gensets.

Grupel Academy consists on a plan of technical-commercial training with the goal to satisfy the needs of knowledge or to resolve technical problems in a personalized way and adapted to people involved in the development process of the product, specifically to diesel gensets.

In this event dedicated to SAT (Technical Assistance Service), the training was of high level (specialist pack), since the assistants already have a significant experience in this sector and in the technical assistance area, which resulted in a sharing moment and confrontation of information’s regarding technical assistance between SAT and Grupel employees, contributing to an improvement on the technical assistance service in Spain, Portugal and the rest of the countries where Grupel is present.

On this training, Grupel Academy, the SAT members of Spain had theoretical and practical training with the purpose to complete their technical-commercial knowledge, which during the training the practical aspects where with an actual engine and alternator and to understand and practice it’s respectively maintenance.

Through a support policy to our partners, in this case, technical assistance and with this type of initiatives, Grupel intends that the professional partners are aligned and aware of the product development, components, services, and procedures.

With this, Grupel wants to make sure that that has a specialized and technical team, and with all the knowledge necessary to act and to provide technical services of high quality.

The technical assistance is of great importance to our clients as well as maintenance and follows up, therefore, Grupel, intends that the members of technical assistance be specialized, qualified and ready to act, in this case in Spanish territory, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

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