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Since 1976, Grupel has been producing and selling a wide range of electric generators (open or soundproofed), with power ratings from 3 to 3500kVA, equipped with the best quality components from internationally renowned brands, in addition to the components of our own brand, Grupel.

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We believe that access to power can enhance the development of regions. We know, however, that this supply is not uniform worldwide and that the needs to ensure its supply are distinct from region to region.

For this reason, our team works daily to create tailor-made energy solutions, according to each geographical reality and application objective, be it residential to operate only in case of power supply failure or to operate continuously in power plants, business or industrial units.

To meet this objective, we have more than 24,000m2 dedicated to the manufacture of gensets, being the largest production unit of power generators in Portugal. We are a renowned brand in the sector, and we work incessantly for the satisfaction of our customers. In 2021, we were distinguished by Portuguese consumers with the Five Stars Award (Prémio Cinco Estrelas), for the fitth consecutive year.

But it is not only in Portugal that we are recognized. Currently, about 80% of the company’s turnover is due to our international presence, in more than 70 countries. With our customers and partners, we take our Energy further and further.

Grupel vence Prémio Cinco Estrelas 2022


Portable gasoline generators, so you always have power at hand.

Diesel power generators, ideal for backup operation, at home, or in your business.

Diesel industrial generating sets for main or emergency power.

Containerized generating sets for Low and/or Medium Voltage energy in continuous or emergency mode.

Efficient and transportable lighting towers, available with manual and pneumatic mast.

High-power generators, diesel or gas-powered, for demanding and sensitive applications, custom developed.


Whatever the application, Grupel offers power generators adapted to the most diverse contexts, whether for residential, agricultural or industrial use, for backup or continuous power.
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