Industrial Range

The range of industrial diesel generators, with powers from 40 to 1250kVA, was especially developed for the industrial sector and is designed to operate as a main and/or emergency power source, in installations where there is no other power source or where the existing source is very weak.

These power generators are intended for a diverse set of applications, and therefore include an extended customization capacity, in order to meet both the demands of the context and location of the application, as well as the requirements inherent to the application itself.

In highly sensitive sectors, such as manufacturing units, hospitals, data centers or hotels, this range of products ensures an electricity supply capable of counteracting any interruption or instability affecting the electrical network, and is triggered automatically in case there is a supply failure.

In isolated areas, the range of industrial diesel generators ensures a continuous, reliable and safe supply of electricity, with high efficiency and profitability.

The industrial gensets comply with all current standards in terms of noise and ensure comfort for users. They present an excellent quality, using components from internationally renowned brands such as Perkins or Baudouin.


Grupel Industrial Generator


With a wide range of powers, the power generators on this range are ideal to meet the needs of facilities with demanding conditions, being able to operate in case of grid failure, but also continuously for longer periods.

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