Lighting Towers Range

Grupel lighting towers are the ideal solution when natural light is scarce.

They are characterized by their efficiency and simplicity, which allows their use even in the most adverse conditions, namely in the construction or mining industry, in areas with low accessibility, in events, in parking lots or even for industrial use. The Grupel lighting towers are prepared to operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -15ºC to 40ºC.

They are easily transportable and adjusted to the needs of each application context, with a lighting area that can reach up to 4.500 m2 and a maximum autonomy of 50h, without refueling. All models have STAGE V certification option available.


M4.5 & P4.5 MODELS

With up to 10h autonomy and 10kW of power, the M4.5 (manual) and P4.5 (pneumatic) lighting towers are easy to transport and install in places with reduced accessibility and where natural light is scarce, with little need for maintenance.

Both models have 2 LED lamps, 350W each, with an estimated durability of 50.000h and a light coverage of around 2.500m2. Both include a vertical mast extendable up to 4.5m and with full rotation 360º, which offers greater flexibility in its usage, specially in construction sites for instance where the lighting towers can’t always be positioned in the same way.



The M7 and P7 lighting towers offer more luminosity, coverage area, and autonomy. With an extendable vertical mast up to 7m and 4 LED lamps of 350W each, these models allow you to cover an area of approximately 4.500m2, about 15 lux.

They have a steel canopy and an autonomy that oscillates between 27h and 50h depending on the engine chosen. They are also less noisy (about 77db or 66db according to the engine model chosen, Grupel or Yanmar). These models include as well an automatic controller for access to all the information.

Also, besides the features already available in the smallest models, these lighting towers present a towing system so they can easily be moved from one place to another.


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