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Rental Range

Rental Range

Grupel’s Rental Range power generators are highly resistant to operate in adverse weather conditions and to ensure an efficient use in different locations, keeping up with high performance levels, even with recurring transportations.

Their main applications are construction, infrastructures (like roads, underground structures), parties and events, telecommunications, industries, among others.

One their main features is the soundproofed canopy, reinforced with rock wool, in order to comply with the most rigorous specifications for noise emissions.


Besides that, Grupel’s Rental Range gensets have a specific set of characteristics:

  • Bolt-on (non-welded) canopy to allow for greater durability, as it avoids oxidation points due to welding;
  • Large capacity metal fuel tank easily accessible and with removable cover for washing and maintenance;
  • Easily accessible output bus for cable connection;
  • Quickly accessible power lock-type sockets for external connection;
  • Welded and reinforced chassis for easy towing and recurring transportation;
  • AdBlue tank (purification system made with urea solution) with a robust and functional design, easy to access (optional for STAGE V engines);

Furthermore, these new models will allow for the possibility of transporting six units per truck, optimizing supply chain costs for clients and suppliers.


Handling and transport

In order to facilitate their handling and transport, these models:

  • Pockets in the frame adapted for forklifts.
  • A central lifting hook in the roof.
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