Gas Range

Natural gas is a fuel obtained in liquid form through drilling into the soil which is subsequently converted into gaseous form and then made available to the populations through pipelines and cylinders containers.

The use of this fuel has transformed the production of electrical energy, becoming the most economical and environmentally safe option of feeding generators. Electric production from natural gas powered generators, both in industry and residential contexts, is obtained at a lower cost than thermal production by replacing diesel and other more expensive and contaminating fuels. This equipment can use various types of gases as fuel, such as natural gas or biogas. These gensets are characterized by being a product with high efficiency, reliable and environmentally friendly since they low atmospheric emissions.

These gas generators tend to be applied in an industrial context, such as in the oil and gas petrochemical industry, in shopping centers, cogeneration plants or airports, as an example, constituting an excellent alternative to traditional methods of power generation.

If you are having doubts about the most proper solution for your project, find here more information about the differences between diesel and gas generators.

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