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For the first time, Grupel has provided a special project that runs on biogas, thus, meeting global trends in power generation and its own strategy of growth that encompasses the inclusion of more energy sources apart from diesel.

The daily work of Grupel’s teams is based on the differentiation of our offer, as a way of growing and responding to the different needs and requirements of clients around the world.

The diversification of our energy solutions is based on an effort of innovation and flexibility of our generators, in order to make them increasingly more versatile, agile and capable of serving many applications, in a wide variety of contexts and conditions. This process also involves alternating the generator sets’ energy sources.


Thus, we carried out our first biogas project, which aims to provide support to a livestock farm in Dumbría (A Coruña, Spain), operating continuously and in parallel with the regular electrical grid. Currently, the farm has about 700 cattle and, as it expects a large growth, may reach 1,000 units next year. The fuel that feeds the generating set, biogas, comes from a biodigester with a capacity of 1,500,000 liters, located in the livestock farm itself.

The project consists of a 100kW cogeneration generator, with a BAUDOUIN engine (6M11G4N0/5 - biogas model), GRUPEL alternator (274GB125), and DEIF controller (AGC 150).

Since this is a cogeneration system and, therefore, it is made to reuse thermal energy, a heat exchanger for the exhaust gases and a plate heat exchanger for the engine cooling system are installed in this generator. These exchangers will allow the heat (from the exhaust gases and the combustion of the engine) to be used to heat water, which can then be used for various purposes, namely, in the very process of obtaining and filtering gas in the biodigester.

The generator also has a gas ramp with pressure control, installed prior to fueling the engine.

It is a high-performance project, robust, soundproof, and customized considering the context and the specific needs of the client and the application.


Over the years, Grupel has been creating and developing quality solutions for various types of applications, particularly for the agricultural sector. The generators produced for this purpose are able to support the consumption needs of the various infrastructures of the sector, from the simplest to the most rigorous, and therefore to truly support the producers in all stages of their activity.

Being an area increasingly more automated and dependent on machinery, any kind of power failure, however short, can jeopardize the conditions of the facility and the viability of various processes ranging from feeding to the treatment of livestock, putting at risk the survival of animals. A reliable power source is therefore critical and can make the difference.

The generators for continuous use are ideal for this purpose, since they are specially directed to very rigorous installations, more industrialized, where there is heavy machinery and highly automated processes. This equipment guarantees energy supply 24 hours a day, avoiding failures and losses.

However, constant operation is more demanding and naturally entails higher consumption and more expenses compared to standby operation (when there is a grid failure). So, a fuel solution such as biogas, which results from the transformation of organic waste to produce biofuel, is ideal. This type of fuel is, nowadays, widely used for the generation of thermal and electrical energy in various contexts.

Besides ensuring a decrease in costs normally associated with other types of fuel, biogas also ensures greater sustainability at an environmental level.

All this, combined with the integration of a cogeneration system, significantly increases the efficiency of the genset, since the use of heat reduces the energy losses of the installation.

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