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With a wide variety of product ranges, Grupel has the answer for any challenge.

Each project, business or infraestructure has different requirements and energy needs. That is why Grupel has several product ranges you can choose your ideal solution from. Here they are:
Easy to use portable generators, from 2 to 15kVA, that allow you to have energy always at hand. These gasoline generators can supply energy to low power activities and equipment, and can be used both by professionals and non-professionals.
Smart Range
Diesel generators, from 8 to 65kVA, ideal to work as backup power to support applications for your home and business. These gensets start-up automatically whenever there is a power failure, thus ensuring a competent and efficient supply.
Industrial Range
Reliable gensets, with powers from 40 to 1250KVA, aimed especially at industry and designed to operate as a main and emergency power source in installations where there is no other source of power or where the existing one is weak.
Heavy Range
Containerized gensets developed by Grupel's R&D+I team to provide low and/or medium voltage power on a continuous basis, as well as to act as a power source in case of emergency.
Grupel Rental Range
Rental Range
The demand for rental generators is increasing worldwide, especially in applications whose duration is not so long, such as construction sites or events. Grupel rental power generators are specially developed for companies dedicated to this rental market.
Efficient and transportable lighting towers, ideal when natural light and the electrical grid are scarce. Available with manual and pneumatic mast systems.
High power generators for demanding and sensitive applications, fully adapted to your needs. Flexibility and adaptability are key features of Grupel's Special Projects.
Gas Range
Gas power generators are specially developed for application in industrial contexts, such as the oil and gas petrochemical industry, in shopping centers, cogeneration plants or airports, as an example, constituting an excellent alternative to traditional methods of power generation.

These gensets are manufactured with Grupel’s own-brand components, so they are customizable, easy-to-use, resistant and robust.

With competitive prices and a warranty of 2 years or 2000 hours, they respect production and quality standards of the European Union, having CE marking.


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