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Grupel has carried out a project of 30 lighting towers, used as sources of light and power support to fire departments, in Germany.
The equipments each have a 110kVA generator, with an IVECO engine (N45 TE2F) and LSA alternator (TAL044D), installed on a trailer.

The towers have a pneumatic lifting system, powered by the generator itself. In addition, each generator also serves as a power source for several outlets available to the operator, and for signal lights.

Given the characteristics of the equipment, all the integration between the electrical and mechanical part had to be carefully studied, since the smaller dimensions did not leave much space for the passing of pipes and cables.

The project was very challenging, not only because of this and the other technical features, but also because it had to be mass-produced.

Lighting towers are reliable light solutions when the power grid is unavailable or weak, and when natural light is scarce. They are used, for example, on construction sites or in mining areas, parking lots, remote locations, and in itinerant contexts where there is a need for electric light. They are also widely used in open areas, subject to adverse weather conditions, which need a highly resistant and easily transportable light source.

For the varied and often unexpected activities of firefighters, a reliable and robust light source is always needed. Whether it's for working in bad weather conditions, maintaining safety at events, clearing rural and urban areas, rescue operations, and other emergency situations, lighting towers are the ideal substitute for natural light and the electric grid.


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