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Nowadays, power generators support a multitude of structures and services, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of energy and, therefore, the continuity of the processes that make our daily lives run smoothly. There are gensets that support telecommunications, industries, agricultural fields, residential units, and there are also generators for restaurants and hotels.

In the particular case of restaurants, a failure or unstable supply can lead to serious financial and other damages, causing refrigerated or frozen food to go to waste, disrupting meal preparation processes, or even endangering the safety of customers.

In order to avoid scenarios like these, it is common to use generators to support restaurants. This type of equipment is made to operate in emergency situations, as is the case of those that make up Grupel's Smart Range. With powers ranging from 8 to 65kVA, these power generators have characteristics suitable for support of low power applications.

Available with own brand components or from other internationally recognized brands, these generators offer reliability, safety and an excellent quality-price ratio.

This range is fully customizable according to the needs of each client and the characteristics of the installation site, with soundproof and open models for various applications.

As an example, Grupel has recently installed a 46kVA generator, at the restaurant La Pradera de Ordesa, in the heart of the Ordesa National Park, classified, in 1997, by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and located in the Spanish region of Aragon.

The generator set is composed of an IVECO engine and a GRUPEL alternator and is prepared to support the installation in case of failure of the electrical grid.


The use of generators in restaurants, such as this one operating in Spain, is essential to keep the business running without interruption or loss.

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