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Grupel has recently supplied a Energy project for a hotel unit in Fundão, Portugal.

This solution composed of 2 sets of 1100kVA will provide a uninterrupted power supply at O Alambique de Ouro Hotel, by working as standby power with possibility of parallel operation.


Through the years, Grupel has supplied Energy projects for hotel units all over the world, helping these businesses avoid losses due to power cuts or outages.

The Alambique de Ouro Hotel is a special project as it counts on a diverse set of infrastructure, besides the 153 rooms for accomodation, like a pool complex and a small water park, a restaurant, bars and coffee shops, a gym and Spa unit, jacuzzis, saunas, and many systems like HVAC among others.

Grupel’s energy project for the Hotel becomes a reliable source in case the grid fails, taking in all the load in the infrastructure. The two 1100kVA gensets are equipped with Perkins engines and Leroy Somer alternators, as well as Grupel G545 controllers with G-sync module that enable the paralell operation of both units, if the load so warrants.


Marlene Martins, Grupel’s salesperson responsible for the deal, says that this project was really interesting and challenging.

“Having to consider the immense complex that constitutes Alambique, with saunas, pools, restaurants and so on, there was really no choice but to supply a robust, fierce and reliable solution. We’re very proud that the hotel management trusted Grupel and our proposal”, says Marlene.


A single power outage can lead to economic and safety losses, and can also cause guests to become restless and frustrated, making matters worse.  Hotels and resorts must provide the best services and confort possible in order to guarantee a remarkable experience for guests and users, otherwise their reputation and brand value will be diminished.

That is why many of them, if not all, rely on the aid of standby generator sets. This equipment can easily be adapted in fuel, features and power to the diversified needs of numerous types of hotel units.

Counting on the support of power generators becomes, then, a must.

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