How does a standby / backup generator work?

Power failures are inevitable, whether due to technical issues or adverse terrain and weather conditions. A standby or backup generator is used to, in situations like these, fill in as the main source of energy in the event of a network failure.

Having an alternative source of electricity is a useful and often highly necessary option, with many sectors and activities relying on energy continuously. Places such as supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, data centers, industries, works, events, among others, cannot afford to suffer a failure in the supply of electricity, because this generally corresponds to serious losses, ranging from production failures, loss of data and information, or even the occurrence of accidents.

Backup generators are, therefore, ideal and reliable solutions to keep the equipment functioning, during a network failure, since, when this happens, they take the load previously supported by the network.

In simple technical terms, the controller, which checks if there’s power supply from the grid, starts the generator when it fails and, as soon as the group is ready to supply power to the installation, sends a signal to the automatic transfer switch, connecting the generator to the load. The reverse process happens when the power is restored to the power grid.

It is also possible to have a backup generator that starts manually. The installation operator must start the generator manually and, after it stabilizes, invert the transfer switch to the 'generator' position. When resuming power through the grid, the operator must invert the transfer switch to the 'grid' position and then stop the generator.

As for choosing the model and power best suited for you and / or your business, you should take into account what you want to connect to it. That is, you must adjust the power of your generator (s) to the power of the installation and of the various circuits and equipment you intend to supply.

A standby / backup generator will have a long life, as long as it is checked and maintained periodically.

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