Grupel controllers, the “brains” that respond to market needs


At Grupel, we seek to create differentiated value propositions, taking into account the diversity of the markets.

We like to be prepared to respond to any request, from the simplest to the most complex, in order to satisfy the varied needs of each one of our customers.

That is why we invest in our own components that are produced with quality, easy to use, and able to meet the interests and needs of consumers.

In addition to the main elements, such as engine and alternator, Grupel also provides controllers of its brand. The controller is the “brain” of the generator, it is this equipment that controls the parameters of both the engine and the alternator, in order to maintain the good functioning of the generator group.

With the Grupel, G245 and G545 controllers, we want to respond to the needs of our customers and guarantee some competitive advantages:

  • Simple technology and reliable design
  • Intuitive navigation and use
  • CE seal


Grupel G245

This controller has simple definitions, being suited for more basic projects, whose applications are not as demanding. It monitors the electrical network and, therefore, when there is a power cut, it is able to automatically transfer the load to the generator set. But it can also be used in manual mode and can be started remotely. It has a USB port that allows connection to a computer and therefore allows you to control the device easily, update the operating system, and program the generator remotely.


Grupel G545

This model is more complex, being suited to satisfy practically all the applications generally required. In its most elementary state, the controller is programmed to start automatically when there is a power cut. But it can also be used in manual and test mode, and can be started remotely.

The great advantage of this controller is its versatility. Through plug-in modules, the G 545 offers a multitude of features:

  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Remote monitoring and geolocation of the generator;
  • Connection to a computer via USB;
  • Operating system update;
  • Synchronization of generator sets;
  • Possibility of adding digital and analog inputs and outputs.


All of this is possible thanks to small modules that are easy to insert into the controller. Thus, there is no need for expansion cards, which would require space and cables. The controller maintains a convenient design, is easy to use and is able to offer more solutions.

The investment in our own components is one of the major intentions for Grupel’s future, since this can guarantee the differentiation of the brand, while investing in customer satisfaction.

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