New portable generator, GR12000


More power. More versatility.

In addition to the three models in our Portable Range, Grupel launches a new 12kW generator, that is more powerful and capable of responding to a wider variety of applications.

Easy to carry and use, Grupel’s GR12000 is a guaranteed power source in hard-to-access areas, where electricity is scarce, or for itinerant activities, namely civil protection works, field hospitals, small events, and more demanding tools, such as water pumps.

When compared to other models of the brand, the GR12000 is a 12kW portable generator, therefore, it has more power and can support several equipments simultaneously. In addition, it features remote and electric start, starting by remote control, is compact, convenient for any environment and location, and complies with current standards, namely STAGE V.

The inclusion of the new model, GR12000, in Grupel’s range of products, follows our global strategy of proximity with our clients, strengthening our offer and thus increasing our capacity to respond to the needs of various applications.


Grupel’s portable gasoline generators, GR2500, GR3000, GR6500 and GR12000 (in ascending order of power), are easy to use and to transport, allowing you to have power always at hand, anywhere. These gensets can easily supply power in case of failure or outage, and can be operated by professionals or non-specialists.  With their own specifications and attributes, our 4 portable models have CE certification, are gasoline powered, and are ideal for projects at home, in businesses, or outdoors.

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