Brace yourself for the winter with Grupel gensets


When the Winter and bad weather come, will you be ready for power outages or shortages in the supply of electricity?

Around the world, companies, civil protection organizations and governments, including the European Union, are bracing for the winter with the help of generator sets.

Gensets are reliable solutions for power outages as they are an alternative energy source that will run even if the grid fails due to bad weather or extra demanding loads.

Grupel provides robust and reliable power for any application, through gensets that ensure continuous energy during these events.

Having an alternative source of electricity is often a useful and necessary option, in places like supermarkets, hospitals, data centers, industries, which cannot afford to suffer shortages in the energy supply.

Backup generators are, therefore, ideal because, in the event of a power outage, they take in the load previously supported by the grid. These gensets usually start-up automatically because its control system (or controller) is equipped to monitor the power grid and to send a message to the group’s automatic transfer switch when there’s a power failure. When that happens, the genset becomes the primary source of energy. The reverse process happens when energy is restored to the power grid.


Here are some of Grupel’s genset options to deal with power outages:


Portable Range

For homes and small businesses, Grupel’s gasoline run Portable generators, from 2 to 15kVA, are a great solution to provide energy during short breaks in power grid supply. They are easy to use and to transport and can power small tools and other pieces of equipment in shorter periods.


Smart Range

For businesses, offices, and other support applications, Grupel’s Smart Range power generators, from 8 to 65kVA, are usually conceived to start automatically as soon as an energy failure occurs, ensuring an efficient supply.


Industrial Range

For industry, data centers, healthcare or supermarkets, Grupel’s gas or diesel ran Industrial generator sets are ideal solutions to provide power both in standby mode and continuously during a longer outage. With powers from 40 to 1250kVA these gensets ensure an electricity supply capable of counteracting any power outage or instability affecting the electrical grid.


To choose the power and model that best suits you and / or your business, you must consider different aspects, such as the power your installation needs, the equipment you intend to supply and the mode (standby or continuously) you expect it to operate in.

Talk to our team about it and get a proposal.

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