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Recently, Grupel carried out two separate projects for two desalination plants – one in Mexico and the other one in Morocco. These are large and complex facilities that depend on electric power to function properly, so it is important to ensure a fault-free energy supply.

Over the years, Grupel has been serving numerous applications with electric generators and projects specially designed for complex contexts and specific requirements.

From construction to healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure and industry, Grupel is able to create and develop energy solutions for various purposes and to operate according to different requirements, under different conditions.

All this, thanks to its engineering and product development team, whose daily work involves designing and planning customized energy systems to meet the needs of clients around the world and the requirements of their projects.

In the case of these two desalination plants, the projects that support them are fully adapted to the specificities of each infrastructure, taking into account the equipment that make them up and the type of operations they perform.


Broadly speaking, the project in Mexico has five generators (2 x 640kVA + 3 x 930kVA) and was designed for continuous operation. In addition, it has some special features:

  • the generators with the same output power can run in parallel with each other
  • the alternators are treated for saline environments, given the coastal location of the plant
  • the units include anti-seismic silent blocks, for adaptation to local conditions and standards


Learn more about the project.


The project installed in Morocco consists of two 550kVA diesel generators and the features that make it special are, among others:

  • the ability to run in parallel
  • adaptation to local conditions and standards, with the inclusion of anti-seismic silent blocks in the generators
  • the robustness (double wall) and the great autonomy (1000 liters) of the fuel tanks


Learn more about the project.


Desalination plants are responsible for the treatment of seawater and its subsequent conversion for use in contexts of freshwater scarcity, in places usually affected by recurring periods of drought. They are large structures with heavy machinery and complex automated systems and are therefore dependent on electrical power to function properly and safely.

Any power supply failure can cause serious damage to equipment and systems at these facilities, putting their processes at risk, as well as compromising their control and monitoring systems, which can lead to dangerous operation.

For this reason, it is important to ensure a stable power source that allows the proper and safe operation of the facility. Using electrical generators as emergency power systems is essential to ensure a quick and safe restart of infrastructure operations in the event of a power failure. Using them as continuous power sources can also be an ideal solution, ensuring more stable and efficient operation.

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