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2 x 640kVA + 3 x 930kVA

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Leroy Somer

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Grupel has carried out a special project to support a desalination plant in Guaymas, Mexico. The project is 100% Grupel, has five generators and is designed to operate continuously, providing power to this seawater treatment and transformation structure.

The project is composed of five diesel generators, two of them of 640kVA (STP) with a VOLVO engine (TAD1641GE) and LEROY SOMER alternator (LSA 47.2) and three of 930kVA (STP) with a DOOSAN engine (DP222LC) and LEROY SOMER alternator (LSA 49.3 M8 C9S/4).

In addition, the project has some special features:

  • the generators presenting the same power are able to operate in parallel with each other
  • the alternators are marinized, given the plant's coastal location
  • the generators include anti-seismic syn-blocks, for adaptation to local conditions and regulations
  • the equipment have large autonomy tanks (1000L) and a fuel level sensor with alarm


Desalination plants are responsible for the treatment of seawater and subsequent conversion for use in contexts where fresh water is scarce, generally affected by recurring periods of drought. They are complex structures that use heavy machinery and highly automated systems, and therefore rely on electrical power for efficient operation.

Any power failure can lead to damage to the plant's equipment, while also compromising its monitoring and supervision systems, leading to incorrect and often dangerous operation of the entire facility.

For this reason, it is important to ensure a stable source of power that allows smooth operation or quick resumption of plant equipment and operations, which in this case will be guaranteed by the use of these electrical generators.


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