Commissioning of projects: Medium Voltage Power Plant, Angola


At Grupel, we accompany our special projects in all their phases, from design and adaptation to the client’s needs, to delivery and installation, in order to ensure that they are exactly in the specified and agreed conditions. The final phase, project commissioning, is an important part of the process, as it is another way of promoting an integrated and complete service, as well as a culture of proximity with our customers around the world.

We do this follow-up in any Grupel project, and the medium voltage power plant we designed for an industry in Angola was no exception. This demanding project, installed in an industrial complex of the food sector, includes, in general terms, 11 generator sets of 1770kVA (combined power of 18MVA), in 40” containers. The equipment includes several extra components to meet the needs of the installation, namely, the supply of energy in medium voltage, the compliance with noise level standards and, among others, the black start system in case of failure. Learn more about the project here.

Its complexity led to a commissioning process in phases, the last of which included a visit of our technical team to the site for definition and testing of the AMF function. That is, testing the function that allows the grid-group and grid-group commutations for the effective transfer of the facility’s load between the regular power grid and the generators that compose the project.

Before this stage, our technical team had already carried out other stages of commissioning of this Grupel project, beginning with the supervision of its assembly and installation, when the generators were delivered to the site of operation. Afterwards, other tasks were also performed, such as the verification of the distribution in medium voltage, functional tests in the absence of the grid and, among others, training sessions with the site operators.


Grupel wants to be close to its clients, supporting them in everything they need. Accompanying all stages, from design to the commissioning of Grupel projects, is to guarantee a 360º service and a more effective way to ensure that the needs of our customers are met and that the project serves the purpose for which it was designed.

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