Medium voltage solutions developed by Grupel’s engineering team


Grupel has become a reference on medium voltage generation equipment manufacturing, for having installed in the last 5 years, a total capacity of 93 MW.

By applying direct generation by the alternator or by installing a transformer for voltages higher than 15 KV, Grupel optimized the development of engineering solutions for medium voltage applications, becoming one of the top international players for this type of manufacturing.

This type of generation equipment has seen its demand increase as it is more efficient with its big sized generators which have higher intensities and convert low voltage generation in non-productive solution.

Depending on the final solution preferred by our customers, we offer several variants in our catalog, always with a common denominator, which is the modularity and ease of installation.

For this particular case study, we present you a project that we are currently developing in our manufacturing facilities, situated in Aveiro, Portugal.

A project with medium voltage gensets for one of the largest wastewater treatment plants near London in UK, which will consist of four units of 3.3 MVA generation, each in synchronized mode with the genset and the mains, with direct output from the alternator to 11 KV.

The units are encapsulated in a super silent 45ft container, designed specifically for this application that will provide sufficient noise attenuation to achieve 80dB at 1 meter (as required in the project specification). In addition to generators in the same container, a complete fueling system with a capacity of up to 3.500 liters of diesel is installed, which offers more than six hours of full load operation and also has a tray that collects fluid and prevents any kind of external leakage of any liquid to flow inside the cabin where the teams are housed or outwardly. It also incorporates a very crucial protection system of oil supply in the event of fire detection.

Another of the great advantages offered by Grupel in this project, in addition to the technical solutions implemented with respect to our competitors and that made us win the project, is that, as for Europe, we have one of the best load banks in our new facilities, located in Aveiro. Load tests may be developed in medium voltage and with different load profiles, with resistant and inductive loads to modify the power factor, simulating real work applications. In this specific case, they will last for four hours continuously at full load for each unit, with the application of load steps to simulate the behaviour that the team will have in real working conditions. We will also evaluate voltage deep and frequency in order to submit the generator tanks to modern test systems implemented at the factory.

The project is ongoing currently in the throes of assembling the equipment in our factory, once all detailed engineering, necessary for the application, has been developed. The actual planning of works has a forecast completion and availability for definitive tests throughout the second half of this year on site.

The complexity of the project and the requirements of local regulations regarding technical issues has offered a new challenge to our engineering team who successfully accomplished the task, due mainly to the professionalism and know-how acquired in the last few years, with the implementation of several similar projects in the medium voltage field.

This type of projects has given us an important experience and recognition in the manufacturing generators sector in medium voltage and we hope to exceed nearly 100MW of the proposed target in the last 5 years, having turned so far a successful completion of more than 93MW. These installations are currently operating throughout the world under very different climatic and technical terms.

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