Big Projects with Grupel Gensets in Spain


Grupel, besides having a strong presence in the market of standard generators, namely for residential use, construction or business units, has a specialized engineering team for the development of special projects.

The Grupel Special Projects are works with many specificities and therefore, it is a teamwork in Grupel together with the responsible for each project. Grupel already has extensive experience in developing complex engineering projects, not only in the Spanish market, but also in other countries.

Below you can see some of Grupel’s special projects carried out in Spain:

Oil & Gas Castor Project

Oil & Gas – Onshore Castor Project

This project consisted of an engineering solution system with dual use as an emergency system and as a continuous generation supply to a gas storage plant. Was composed by 2 generator sets 1166 KW NATURAL GAS Synchronization between generators and mains SCADA control, instrumentation and communication, auxiliary systems cooling, ventilation, exhaustion … etc.

Key features:

  • Turnkey Installation of 2,5 MW Natural Gas Power Plant Generation.


Power Plant - Melilla

Power Plant – Melilla

6 MVA (PRP) Grupel by Cymasa of pure energy to support a substation that supplies medium voltage pumps that send water from sea to the desalination plant. This desalination plant serves the Spanish city of Melilla in the northwest Africa, where potable water is a very limited natural resource.

Key features:

  • 6 MVA (PRP);
  • Supplies medium voltage pumps;
  • 5×1250 MVA generators synchronized with each other;
  • Massive storage fuel tank (10.000 liters);
  • Pump units and transfer fuel system.


Generators for Thermosolar units


Auxiliary emergency systems:
510 kVA generator synchronized with the network in a ISO20 soundproof container with dual redundant power starting system under the REE (Red Eléctrica de España). A Periodic testing in the load resistor banks of 200 KW was also included (according to project specifications).

Key features:

  • 510 kVA generator synchronized with the network in an ISO 20 soundproof container;
  • Dual redundant power starting system under the REE (Red Eléctrica de España).


Also, Grupel supplied more than 12 MW to auxiliary systems of several Thermosolar Power Plants located in Spain to ensure its correct functioning with clean energy and supporting renewable energy.

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