The energy that was missing to win the Cycling Tour of Portugal

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Almost two weeks from the beginning of the 80º Cycling Tour of Portugal, the cycling team of Sporting-Tavira visited Grupel’s facilities, and for being one of the official team sponsors, Grupel wanted to invite the team so that it could give personally all the energy for this Tour edition and “ask” for a final victory.

Grupel continues to be one of the official sponsors of the Sporting-Tavira cycling team, and responsible for providing the energy in the official bus of the team, through the development and application of a customized diesel genset.

In declarations to Diário de Aveiro, Marco Santos, Grupel’s CEO, referred that “the biggest challenge we faced was the need to create a generator able to fit in the narrow space of the bus. The space was truly a problem, but it was solved with an interesting solution that allows moving the generator out”, apart from these comment about the project, Grupel’s CEO tried to transmit words of confidence and motivation to the athletes for this important upcoming race.

The presence of some of the athletes and technical team in Grupel was a reason to make a photo shoot, collect autographs and generate relaxing moments between employees and athletes. Now it’s a time to laid-back and to start concentrating the strengths to this demanding race that is coming, especially to one of the athletes that is dreaming with the final victory.

Joni Brandão, one of the cyclists that is a candidate to the winning the Tour of Portugal, was present and gave also some declarations to Diário de Aveiro “I feel good and confident to make this amazing Tour of Portugal. It’s going to be a hard race, with excellent teams and good bikers, but I want to be up to help my team win. That’s the most important thing.”

In this way, it is registered, once more, the association of Grupel, the national leader in producing power generators, with brands that have a unique prestige, as is the case of the Sporting Clube de Portugal e Clube de Ciclismo de Tavira.

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