Grupel will be back in Luanda for FILDA 2024

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From July 23 to 28, Grupel will be in Luanda, Angola, for another edition of FILDA 2024, the country’s largest international trade fair.

Considering its strategy of consolidating markets, especially its presence in the PALOP countries, this event is particularly important for Grupel in pursuing its goals.

For more than 20 years, Grupel has been producing and selling power generators and energy solutions for different areas of the world, and for various applications such as construction, telecommunications, mining, power stations and infrastructures.

FILDA is therefore an excellent vehicle for notoriety in Angola and the surrounding geographical area, which is so important to Grupel, where it has developed numerous projects in different sectors. Taking part in FILDA 2024 is, thus, yet another opportunity to make new contacts, solidify business relationships and get to know the reality of the various markets that visit the fair, so that we can adjust our offer to the real needs of those who search for our solutions.

According to Pedro Gonçalves, the brand’s Sales and Marketing Director:
“Generator sets play a fundamental role in Africa, in guaranteeing a stable energy support for power stations, wastewater treatment plants, oil sites and even private structures such as offices, residential complexes or factories. It is part of Grupel’s strategy to continue to be a top-of-mind supplier capable of offering the solutions that companies and communities need.”

Participating in FILDA 2024 makes perfect sense, considering the brand’s strategy of maintaining proximity and continuous monitoring of markets, clients and trends around the world.

Visit us at the International Pavilion – Portugal!

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