Bauma 2022 in review

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During the past week, Grupel was at the 33rd edition of Bauma, one of the most important events in the sector of heavy and industrial machinery worldwide. 

It is now time to review our presence at the Fair, its importance in Grupel’s global strategy and the goals achieved. 

BAUMA allowed us to show our products and energy solutions to visitors from all over the world, at a time when the energy supply is going through some uncertainty.  

On the other hand, we also showed the investment effort that, in recent years, Grupel has made in infrastructure and state-of-the-art machinery, as well as in the digitalization process of the production unit.  

At the same time, it was an important milestone for our company, as we presented the new Stage V model, a generator with reduced emissions, developed mainly for the European rental market, meeting the requirements and standards in force. Another step in our company getting closer to its customers. 

In this way, we met the two great mottos of the event – digitalization and sustainability – and managed to reinforce our positioning as a brand with space in the industry of the future. 

Pedro Gonçalves, Grupel’s Marketing and Sales Director, was part of the participating committee and considers that the Fair exceeded expectations, since it allowed us to make contacts with companies from all over the world. In the words of the director, “very interesting contacts that, I believe, will translate into very positive results for Grupel”. 

Andrea Dias, Grupel’s sales manager for Germany and Central European markets, agrees that the event exceeded expectations, adding that the Fair allowed us to strengthen Grupel’s positioning as a “reference brand for these markets”. According to the saleswoman, “There were many people stopping by our booth and coming by a second time, as they had already heard about our brand and are now looking to open up their range of suppliers”. 


Participating in Bauma 2022 was a strategic bet by Grupel, with the goal of consolidating our notoriety in the European markets and increase the prospects of expanding our customer portfolio in this area, showing that we are attentive to the needs and priorities of our customers.  

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