Grupel at Africa Energy Forum 2022

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Grupel will be attending the Africa Energy Forum 2022, from June 21st to the 24th, in Brussels.

This is a high-profile event, that brings together governments, consulting firms, financial institutions, and several energy-related sectors, aimed at improving and developing the energy industry on this rising continent.

The Africa Energy Forum 2022 will count with the presence Grupel’s sales representatives that will be happy to host you at Stand 127, to answer the questions and petitions you may have. If you want to join this experience, Grupel’s guests have a 25% discount on the tickets. To state your interest, please fill in the form at the end of this page.


Grupel’s Energy is in more than 70 countries around the world, today, but its internationalization endeavor started in Africa, more precisely in Angola. With the goal of becoming a leading provider in many countries in the continent, Grupel started to deliver reliable energy, through efficient high-power generators and complex energy solutions to different applications, from telecommunications to mining, construction, and power plants, among others.

Given its many years of experience in Africa and the company’s culture of proximity with its customers, being at Africa Energy Forum 2022 is key, since it is a unique opportunity to meet with governments, energy players and industry leaders working in Africa and explore the opportunities and challenges of this ever-changing continent.

The potential of growth in the continent is very strong, thus filling it with opportunities for innovation and development. We are proud of the services and projects we provide in Africa and we hope to continue to grow our solutions so that Grupel can keep responding effectively to the demands of our clients there. Then, it is with much excitement that we will be at this important event. Be sure to stop by Stand 127 to speak to our team about any questions you have.


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