Grupel reflects on 2023


With 2024 just around the corner, it’s time for Grupel to reflect on 2023, a year of significant achievements, transformative initiatives and a continued commitment to promoting a good working environment.

Over the past year, the company’s journey has marked notable milestones, both in terms of improving conditions and human resources, as well as regarding growth and business.

In the words of the CEO, Marco Santos, for Grupel, 2023 was “a successful year, marked a little by the cooling of the market, but very interesting”.

Following in the footsteps of 2022, in which we grew by around 40%, 2023 began very busy and full of challenges to meet, namely “the creation of a new factory, the resizing and organization of departments, and the entry into the market of the generator models created as a result of the partnership with Cummins”.


To meet these challenges, Grupel has continued to focus on the customer, maintaining its proximity to partners around the world, while its commitment to innovation, product development and the quality and reliability of our generators has strengthened our position as leaders in this business area.


Growth trajectory

With the challenges that the market has posed to all sectors of activity worldwide this year, Grupel has been able to stay one step ahead, creating differentiated solutions and offering careful responses to each challenge. In this sense, it has managed to turn things around, forecasting a “15 to 20% increase [in turnover]”.

This is thanks to a policy of strengthening ties with the clients we have been working with, as well as conquering new markets, as Marco Santos points out: “This year, we have strengthened our presence in Europe; in Latin America we have continued our journey, reaching Cuba, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. At the moment, we also have a team in China and Dubai, developing our presence in these regions.”


Modernization and expansion of facilities

For several years now, Grupel has been investing in modernizing its facilities in order to be able to create solutions in a more agile way and, at the same time, accommodate the growth it has been experiencing. And so, in 2023, the time came to carry out a major project to expand our facilities to double the area that already existed.

According to the CEO, “with the acquisition of land right next to our facilities, we were able to expand our warehouse and parking areas. (…) We are currently carrying out the office part (…) which will be completed in the first quarter of next year.”



Attracting and organizing human resources

“In recent years we’ve had a lot of people joining the team and we needed to restructure. Today, we have better organized departments and this is essential for us to be able to produce more with fewer defects,” says Marco Santos, on the fundamental role of our Grupelians in the success and growth of our brand at various levels, from the quality of our products to the monitoring of all stages of each project.



Prospects for the future

We face 2024 with determination, dedication and hope, being always ready for the challenges of the various markets and geographies in which we are present. Taking into account the more moderate end to the year and the worldwide recession “which we hope will pass quickly, we believe that 2024 will start slowly, but that it will improve in its second half and that we have all the conditions in place to continue growing, in terms of human resources, facilities and products”.



Grupel’s journey until 2023 has been characterized by achievements that go beyond business growth, encompassing employee development, the sustainability of our processes and our activity, as well as improving working conditions for everyone. As the company continues to evolve, the lessons learned and successes achieved in 2023 serve as a solid foundation for future endeavors. Grupel’s commitment to excellence, innovation and the well-being of its workforce position the company for continued success in the years to come.


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