Grupel’s Sales Team visits partners in Latin America


In the fast-paced world of business, nurturing relationships with partners and distributors is paramount to success.

Grupel’s Sales Team understands the significance of such relationships and recently embarked on a journey to Latin America, visiting key partners in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

Grupel’s partners in Latin America are very strategic to us as they represent a bridge between our brand and the customers in these countries, their specificities, their needs and the trends of their markets. It is, in fact, our distributors’ network that helps us propel Grupel’s growth, credibility and development around the world.


These meetings reinforced our commitment to fostering growth, understanding market dynamics, and fortifying partnerships, in these markets.

So, during these insightful visits to Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala, Grupel’s Sales Team delved into several vital topics that form the foundation of a prosperous partnership:


Growth Strategies for 2024 and the remaining of 2023

Collaboratively planning for the future, the team discussed how to align with evolving market demands and identifying promising sectors for expansion.


Addressing Current Needs

Understanding the current needs of each partner, be it in training, product range or services.


Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Defining a marketing strategy encompassing digital initiatives and face-to-face support, including participation in fairs and conventions to amplify Grupel’s brand presence and reach.


Technical Updates

Staying ahead of technological advancements, the team exchanged insights on the latest innovations in power generation and specifically in Grupel’s gensets operation and maitenance.


These periodic partner visits are crucial in the path to shared growth and prosperity. By maintaining close relationships with distributors, Grupel ensures that partners feel supported and valued at every step of their business journey. This facilitates open dialogue, strengthen trust, and foster a deeper understanding of mutual goals.


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