Grupel in 2022


2022 was a year of great growth for Grupel.

The investment that the company has been making, in recent years, materialized in the modernization of the production unit with the latest technology and the integration of all systems from the factory floor, to engineering or logistics, to allow a better interconnection of all departments, at all stages.

This interconnection is made possible thanks to the implementation of a digital platform shared by all teams and open to partners and customers, with a 3D configurator, CRM and, among others, order management. A tool that allows all parties to follow the entire process, from the lead to the shipment of the generators, something completely innovative in the industry.

Also, in the sense of the constant optimization of industrial processes and management, Grupel established a partnership with Kaizen Institute and, together, started an important work of improvement of internal workflows in order to achieve greater efficiency.

All this, on the path towards Industry 4.0, with the aim to making work more efficient in time and costs, increasing production capacity and making the brand’s solutions increasingly aligned with the needs and requirements of customers and markets, particularly in terms of optimizing consumption, reducing the level of emissions and seeking alternative fuel solutions, as well as improving the canopy structure to ensure greater reliability and strength of the equipment in the various applications for which it is intended.

2022 also marked the beginning of a historic agreement with the multinational, Cummins Inc, world leader in the power generation sector. A recognition of Grupel, of its productive capacity and technical expertise, since it involves the development and manufacture, by the company, of the entire range of Cummins generator sets up to 700kVA, intended to serve the European market.

Since the beginning of the year, Grupel resumed its visits to customers and its presence in fairs and events related to the sector, crucial to strengthen close ties with its network of distributors and customers worldwide. The sales team visited partners in several countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Australia, sharing knowledge, strategies and coordinating actions aimed at the growth and development of all stakeholders. Grupel also participated in events such as the Africa Energy Forum, where it was able to gain new contacts in markets where it already has a long history and hopes to grow its presence, and Bauma, a strategic focus, with the aim of consolidating the brand’s awareness in European markets.

For Grupel, it is essential to ensure that its distribution network is equipped with the technical know-how to ensure the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment. For this reason, the company’s technical team has visited partners and clients in several parts of the world, such as Latin America and the Baltic Region, to monitor projects, and also to promote technical training.

As far as special projects are concerned, we highlight some that support power plants, such as Marlim Azul (in Brazil) and Termocandelaria (in Colombia); for tourism, with the supply of 5 generators for the WOW – World of Wine, in Portugal; for military purposes, such as the 30 generators adapted to military vehicles that we supplied to Star Defence (Spain); for Red Eléctrica de España, with the installation of 72 generators for the modernization of electrical substations at a national level; and data centers, with the supply of high-power generators to support this type of infrastructure.

On the path towards a more sustainable future, Grupel launched, in 2022, a range of generators with STAGE V engines, with reduced emissions, in compliance with European standards for non-road mobile machinery, to reduce the emissions of the brand’s generators and lighting towers. At the same time, it reformulated its Rental range, especially designed for companies dedicated to the rental market for this type of equipment.

2022 was a year of development, change and investment in the optimization of processes and operations, which culminated in a growth of about 40% in the volume of orders, reinforcing Grupel’s position as a world reference brand in the electric generators segment.

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