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Grupel was challenged to provide a power generation solution for continuous work in a Medium Voltage Power Plant, located at an important Industrial Complex in Angola. A Special Project that we proudly carried out from conception to commissioning, including manufacturing and installation.

The solution consists of:

11 modular power generators of 1770kVA (18MVA combined power), each in a 40’ container, with MTU engines.

Given the complexity and demand of the project, Grupel's teams served it with several extra components, essential for its good functioning and an efficient power supply:

  •  A 0.4 / 15kV voltage transformer (EFACEC), for the supply of energy at 15000V in order to turn a low voltage production plant (400V) into a medium voltage plant, which is the final solution;
  • A preheating resistor in the cooling circuit to enable the optimum starting conditions of the engine block;
  • Two hot air extraction fans in some compartments of the containers;
  • Noise attenuators, at the air vents, in order to comply with the noise emission standards;
  • A DSE 8610 (Deep Sea) controller, which, in addition to being user friendly, has a wide range of solutions for parallel operation and synchronism between generators. Locally, we added another controller, a DSE 8005 (Deep Sea), to allow the control, supervision and operation of the equipment from a single location;
  • A 150m3 tank of unfiltered diesel that serves as a receiver for the diesel arriving at the plant, which is then filtered through a particulate and liquid purification plant and goes to two 300m3 diesel tanks (the plant's reserve). From these tanks, the fuel goes to two 40,000L daily cisterns and, from there, to the deposits of each generator;
  • A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (Siemens PLC), to manage the entire industrial part and energy production itself, with computers, networked data communications and graphic user interfaces to manage all processes.
  • A Blackstart generator to supply all peripherals that make it possible to resume the normal operating condition of the generator sets, in the event of failure.


We have a team that is 100% dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, from the simplest to the most complex demands. That way, we are able generate the best Energy, from Portugal to the whole world.

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