Grupel Portable Generators: energy for your holidays


You may need extra energy, even while you are on vacation.

Whether it is for outdoor leisure activities or even to seize the time away from the office to make renovations in your home or garden, you need to ensure you have the energy to do it.

Grupel’s range of portable generators is ideal for this because it allows you to have energy always at hand. In addition to specific attributes and powers (between 2 and 6.9kW), the three models in the range (GR2500, GR3000 and GR6500):

  • are easy to transport
  • serve household and leisure tools
  • are fueled by petrol
  • comply with EC legislation on the environment and noise

What can you power with our portable generators when you are on holidays?


01. Camping and Caravanning
To explore nature and enjoy the quiet of the countryside, there is nothing better than to drive away in a motorhome/RV or to go camping. But, of course, in that case, you will not have access to certain commodities that you are used to at home, such as electricity.

While the vast majority of motorhomes/RVs already has its own generator, there are some that do not have this equipment. If you like to travel without worrying about where to stop – and if there will be electric current –, you should consider purchasing a portable generator to ensure you will have energy for some essential devices.

The same applies to camping, where access to electricity is often restricted. To supply electrical kitchen gear or lighting equipment, while also respecting other campers by making minimum noise, the best solution is our inverter generator, the GR2500.


02. Remodeling and DIY
Remodeling, cleaning, gardening, DIY … Even on vacation, there is always something to do around the house. During your break, you can take the time to get to work and carry these tasks out.

Any one of our portable generators can supply common tools and the majority of home appliances. In case you need more demanding equipment, such as a high-pressure washer or an electric lawnmower, it is best to take a chance on a higher power generator, such as the GR3000 or GR6500.


03. Gatherings with family and friends
Good weather makes for outdoor meetings, barbecues and picnics with family and friends. But that can also mean being in more remote locations where access to the power grid is not always easy.

This is another good example of the benefits of having a portable generator that you may take wherever you want.

For this situation, you should choose the generator that best suits you based on the power and autonomy you need, depending on the utensils you want to supply – from electrical kitchen gear, lighting equipment or other tools – and the estimated time of use.


04. Accommodation
If you go to a country house or a cottage with rustic conditions or in a remote location, maybe it is best if you take some extra energy with you.

A portable generator can make a difference in your stay, because it can ensure power to essential items or modern conveniences like your phone or computer. Normally, these devices are more sensitive and require more stable energy. For this, the most suitable model is the inverter, GR2500.


To choose the model that best suits your needs, you must consider the combined power of the equipment you intend to use and the estimated time for it.

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