What is an inverter generator?

Basically, the major distinguishing factor is the energy generation process, which includes more steps. That is, an inverter generator produces direct current energy and converts it into alternating current energy, which improves the quality of the power, since alternating current wastes less energy than direct current.

The energy generated is safer and more reliable, because the current has virtually no fluctuations. Therefore, it is ideal for powering more sensitive equipment, such as computers, televisions, appliances and mobile phones.

Inverter generators are generally quieter and easier to transport than conventional generators of the same power and the quality of the energy produced is often comparable to that of the grid.

In the case of Grupel inverters generators, there is also the possibility of connecting two generators to operate simultaneously, thus increasing the energy capacity to be supplied.

To summarize, here are the characteristics of the inverter generator that differentiates it from other portable models:

  • Produces more stable and reliable energy;
  • It is lighter and quieter;
  • It is more efficient in consumption;
  • Offers the possibility of running in parallel.
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