The industrial area is one of the activity sectors where the power generators reveal greater application potential.

The industrial area is one of the activity sectors where the electric generators reveal greater application potential. With very heterogeneous characteristics, distinct energy needs, diverse location characteristics and climate, the generator sets for this type of applications must be designed to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.

In segments such as mines or quarries, where access to the power grid is unstable or even non-existent and which are exposed to high amounts of dust, power generators must safeguard high levels of robustness and autonomy to operate continuously.



In sectors such as the food, chemical, steel, metalworking, textile, or consumer goods industries, for example, generator sets are normally installed with the purpose of operating in emergency situations or to complement the electrical grid. In these cases, the need to respond to specificities such as automatic start-up, remote control, or acoustic insulation become critical.

In a society marked by an extremely high level of competition, focused on goals and profitability, a cut in the energy supply can represent thousands of euros in losses. Therefore, according to each situation and considering the number of equipments to be used simultaneously, a distinct solution must be designed, capable of offering safety, immediate response capacity, durability and reliability.


It is essential, for this purpose, to determine the estimated power of use in order to make the best use of the installed generator set. Grupel power generators are equipped with components from internationally recognized brands, able to meet the energy needs of the industrial sector and offering a wide range of extras capable of achieving high levels of performance.


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