Three-phase generator: what are the advantages of using it?

Three-phase generator: what are the advantages of using it?

The three-phase generator is, as a rule, most often used in large equipment. On the other hand, the use of single-phase generators is more common in household equipment.

One of the main distinguishing characteristics of three-phase systems to monophasic systems is the fact that three-phase systems have less amount of aluminum or copper to generate the same power than a single-phase generator.

The three-phase generators are fed in three phases, thus ensuring conditions for a better power supply. At the top of a three-phase generator, we find three power wires, which are supplied by means of four wires, are they:

  • three wires called R S T and one neutral.

In industries that require a continuous power supply and no flaws, high-power equipment, and high-power motors, three-phase generators are imperative. That is, to meet this need, the devices that use the three-phase voltage will be the system capable of ensuring and supporting correct supplies and operation. Another factor that is important to consider is that if you want the power system to respond to long distances, your choice will have to fall on a three-phase generator. Thus, you will have an energy efficiency solution.

What are the main advantages of the three-phase generator?

  • In terms of size, to provide equipment with equal power, are smaller and are also lighter
  • They are more efficient in supply, being the type of system, most used for the supply of energy, worldwide
  • As the torque of these generators is constant and suffer fewer vibrations, the total instantaneous power is also constant. That is, it does not suffer variations in time
  • Windings of three-phase generators are used more efficiently
  • As they are powered by three phases, three-phase motors do not use other types of devices
  • In a three-phase generator, the total power is never zero

In general, the three-phase generators should always be the choice when we should ensure continuity in power supply and when there can be no supply failure. When it comes to high power equipment it is also a three-phase generator that has achieved an efficient response.

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