What are the advantages of a diesel generator?

If you want to buy a generator, it is important that you keep in mind its application and the time you are estimating you will be using it. Depending on what you want to power and on how long you will need the generator, you will have several equipment options that differ in power and fuel type. When you foresee the time of use and the intensity of the load, you will find the solution that will be most convenient for you.

For uninterrupted use, for example, diesel generators are the most suitable solution. That is why they are widely used at events, hypermarkets, major construction sites, hospitals, and in many other contexts where energy is indispensable.


But why?

  • When compared to the gasoline generator, the diesel generator stands out for being more powerful and more economical to maintain;
  • The engine of a diesel generator has lower consumption, which contributes to greater efficiency in energy supply, and has greater durability;
  • The maintenance of a diesel generator is also more affordable, since the engine has no carburetor or spark plugs;
  • Benzin generators tend to wear out and break down more easily as more heat is produced, so the diesel generator has a longer life cycle.


A diesel generator is the ideal solution for whom is searching for an equipment capable of providing energy for long periods and/or continuously. Get to know our range of diesel generators here.

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